SKT Media Malaysia Movie produce & distribute

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About Us

SKT, a Malaysia-based media and entertainment company dedicated to produce, distribute and promote movies, to both local and international markets. We strive to create a meaningful, intelligent, and unique entertainment environment with a commercial appeal.



In collaboration with foreign film companies to produce international films, capturing China and other international markets.
Specialize in searching, grooming and managing talents for film-making and entertainment industry.
Focus on film production in Malaysia to nurture local talents. The company also offers a fullfledged production services for local and international clients.

A Malaysia based film investment company for local and international films.
电影投资控股公司, 并负责洽谈资金对接与海外联合制作。
A Malaysia based film distributor for local and international films
电影发行公司, 负责在马来西亚发行本地与海外电影。